Pull the other one! Warner Brothers approach Milton Keynes Company for Movie Props

Pull the other one! Warner Brothers approach Milton Keynes Company for Movie Props
CITY businessman almost told his most famous customer so far to "pull the other one" when they asked for 50 gold crackers for the forthcoming Harry Potter film.

But when movie giants Warner Brothers called on The Cracker King to provide the props for the Christmas party scene they snapped at the chance as the reality started to sink in. The Internet firm started four years ago after recognising a gap in the market for year-round cracker suppliers, said they never felt tempted to up the selling price for the order despite the studio's wealth. "It was quite a surprise but not such a big deal - so we never thought to charge more than the usual price, If the order was larger then we might have done."

Warner Brothers, who are producing the film adaptation of JK Rowling's bestseller Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone at Pinewood Studios, searched the world for a cracker supplier who could come up with the goods. They finally stumbled across The Cracker King earlier this year after tapping in crackers on an Internet website search engine. "Crackers are virtually unheard of in America but we can offer them at anytime for corporate events, weddings or other requirements - we even do empty ones for customers to put their own surprises inside."

The Cracker King is now hoping to land a contract, keeping the business in the movie frame, supplying crackers to the Planet Hollywood restaurant chain in London and throughout Europe. Harry Potter is screened in the UK from November 16.

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